tarot of the week-queen of pentacles

Ask for Court Cards, and ye shall receive!


Queen of Pentacles sits on her throne surrounded by fertility--flowers and earth, water and greenery--holding in her lap a Pentacle. She governs earthly concerns--the home, the hearth, career, finances, family. On her throne the goat, symbol of the Capricorn, hangs at her arm and the Bull, sign of Taurus, adorns the side of her throne to remind us that she also governs the Astrological Earth signs--Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. As I write this, I lit a candle given to me for my own Capricorn birthday a few weeks ago, and the room is overcome with the smell of roses. It is putting me squarely in the Queen's garden. 

This garden is lush, fertile, nurturing. It harkens to the garden of the Empress, and well it should, they are both the archetypes of the Earth Mother. Key words are nurturing, dependable, warm, generous. She is a web weaver, and not simply for her connection to all living beings, animals, children and even spiders, but because her vision sees the interconnectedness between people, the way personalities mesh and mutually rely on one another. I sometimes see this aspect of her in readings with people, and comment that they should be open to seeing connections between them and all colleagues or acquaintances for deepening their friends or lovers. Because part of this Queen's persona is stability and responsibility. She doesn't often let herself just enjoy. Her idea of enjoying the day is cooking for her family, nurturing them, creating a beautiful home, shopping...it can be the challenge facing her. To be present in the moment, not define her happiness on giving things or possessing things, but rather to just know her gift is her presence.

This Queen can be both a business woman and a mother, and seems to excel at both. In fact, she often needs both of these aspects of herself to feel whole. There are people who absolutely balance home and family with aplomb and grace, and others who struggle mightily with feeling pulled in both directions. This Queen is the former. Her groundedness manifests in a nurturing way, and financially, she craves security, but dislikes relying on others to fulfill those needs. She hates asking for help. And that is one of her greatest downfalls--she needs to accept and own her vulnerability. I see the Queen of Pentacles as someone who has different spheres of her life--social, work and home. She is fiercely protective of home. It is her sanctuary and the sanctuary for her people. So, she rarely allows work to intrude in that space. She is not the person who makes friends with work people. And conversely, her friends are her space away from her responsibilities, and so she rarely brings all these things together. She attends work functions for her career, not to make friends. Not that she isn't friendly, but she protects and guards her spheres as separate entities. Her identity can be wildly different in those different places--at work, she may appear no-nonsense, at home she may appear loyal and nurturing. And the people at work might be surprised at how sappy and maternal she is. 

This Queen is loyal, unpretentious, often serious, sensible. The fertility around her often calls to one's own fertility, so she comes for those wanting to have babies, or who are pregnant. Or in the other aspect of fertility, she comes with creative projects, and visioning. She is nurturing incarnate, so when the Queen of Pentacles appears, you are asked to nurture a business, hobby, your family, or a friend, but often, yourself. When she is reversed, you are asked if you are doing enough self-care.

The reversed aspects of this Queen are co-dependency. When her full expression is blocked, she may be paralyzed by too many choices, not sure of herself, unable to express herself fully (creating a tight-lipped repression that is palpable to behold.) Sometimes the Queen as a blockage can mean that not all aspects of this Queen are being expressed, and thusly, the other aspects are suffering as a result. If she is reliant on others for decision making, she can become bitter and resentful. It actually makes her quite unstable to be vulnerable, so she may be incredibly moody, swinging from pleasant to downright mean and vindictive. She can be a person who relies on the adage, "The ends justifies the means." Or who is materialistically focused, and thus someone who is materialistically competitive. When she is not being fully expressed, she may be creatively blocked, and let things go. You know a Queen of Pentacles is suffering when she just doesn't give a crap about her home's appearance. Or she is buying buying buying obsessively filling the hole within her. This addiction to spending is something to look at in the reversed or challenge position of this card. (The Page of Pentacles often indicates this as well.)

I have been looking at this aspect in myself this year, as I made it part of my goals/visioning this year to examine the way I use material things as a soul sedative. When I feel bad about my weight, or self-esteem, I would buy clothes that I felt made me look beautiful, or nicer, or thinner. But the truth is I need to be comfortable with my body, if this is how it is to be, and so I decided to stop buying clothes for this year to see how I react to learning to love my body in whatever clothes I already own. It has been less than a month, and already I am challenged by it, and in that way, I know it is good for me to do. 

Of course, as always, the Court Cards represent either people in our lives or aspects of ourselves. I don't often talk about reversed cards, because in the reversed position, the card often just lessens its powerful meaning, or comes to represent the opposite (though for that reason, perhaps I should be discussing them more), but with the Court Cards, the reversed often describe the challenging aspects of the people in our life. And these aspects, both of the positive and negative aspects of a person, often come together. We are human, and not all bad or good. Like loyal and stubborn might describe your boss (stubborn is another attribute of the Queen of Pentacles, or rather stuck in her ways, somewhat old-fashioned as she can be, conservative, risk-averse.) Materialistic and nurturing might be another combination. When you are reading for yourself or someone else, ask yourself if this describes you or another person. If it is crossing you, ask if you are being challenged by an aspect of her persona. You might get the Queen of Pentacles crossed if you are having trouble conceiving a child, for example, because  of the elusive identity of Mother is fully expressed. Or you may get it if your Virgo sister-in-law is spreading rumors about you within the family. 

Hopefully this makes sense. Please post any comments or questions in the comment section. I love talking about Tarot and crave doing another Tarot class. I think I need to put that on my Vision board.