Sodalite is a readily available third eye stone.

Sodalite is a readily available third eye stone.

In this blog, I have tried to mix up the crystals. Sometimes I choose them from Crystal Oracle Cards, other times with crystals I have been using during the week. This one was a little of both, since this week, I worked on third eye layouts for a number of clients. (But I did choose Sodalite for a card tonight!)

A readily accessible and great stone for third eye work is Sodalite. In all my crystal writing, I haven't written about any third eye stones, which is flabbergasting (though Labradorite is certainly good for third eye work.) Most basic chakra stone kits include Sodalite as either their third eye or throat chakra stone. I always include it for the third eye, because it resonates so beautifully with that chakra. Sodalite is a deep blue, certainly indigo. It has a Moh's hardness of 5.5-6, so it can be put in water. Most Sodalite has white Calcite running through it, which gives it the cool veining.

Sodalite is great for meditation, journeying, lucid dreaming and other dream work, and great for any third eye opening work like hypnosis or trance. it is great for psychics and psychic work dealing with a tool, like astrologers, numerologists, tarot and card readers, tea leaf interpreters, helps identify archetypal patterns and symbolism, which is why it helps those psychics more than mediums or channels. it helps you recognize patterns, so another bonus for psychic work.

Sodalite is a stone of the NOW. Be Here Now, so to speak, hold a Sodalite to ground that energy in the present, yet find insight and pattern. In this way, it is a great stone for writers as well, teachers, psychologists. use your intuition, but don't consider yourself psychic? Sodalite doesn't discriminate. You can use it to enhance any intuitive work, including those in sales. I have been saying this a great deal in readings and crystal healing sessions, because so often I pick up on someone's intuitive abilities, and they argue with me about how they are NOT psychic. But intuition comes in many forms. I find the most intuitive and empathic of us learn to shield so strongly, they don't recognize how intuitive they truly are. That is a learned ability and a protective mechanism. You can also learn to open and shield, but that might be another blog post all together.  Still, we all use our intuitive abilities. We read people's moods, their vibes, we can tell when someone needs to be pushed, or we need to back off. This is all intuitive skills. Sodalite can help  you with those kinds of gifts.

A great affirmation for Sodalite might be: 

I open my intuition fully in the present moment.