who am i

I am a mother.

On the massage table, in a Tarot reading, in circle, the mother holds space for you to mine your own stores of wisdom--gently guiding toward light, recentering, grounding, and loving unconditionally. I empower, motivate, and guide my clients into dialogue with their own deep wisdom.

I am a daughter of the earth.

Working with stone, animal, and plant medicine in circle, in practice and in my personal life, I have extensive training in different healing modalities. I walk gently, working in small ways to heal the Mother as I heal myself. This is the wisdom I bring to my clients too.

 I am a curandera.  

I come from a long line of strong, psychic women who are not afraid of the dark. I have certifications as a Reiki Master, Advanced Crystal Master, Transformational Reiki practitioner, Earth Medicine Practitioner, and space holder as well as having read and studied the Tarot for nearly thirty years. In session, I intuitively bring together all these modalities, seamlessly weaving a blanket of healing energy. Gentle hands-on healing with crystals, nurturing drum & rattle and prayer--I raise the vibration, so you can raise your consciousness. In a Tarot session, we look at energy around what you want to know, tapping into the collective unconscious, conversing with the Higher Self, our Spirit guides, and the ancestors so you have real, solid answers to the questions you seek.

I am a bone picker.

I walk with my clients into their own shadow lands, helping them pick at old, dying ways of being, to pull out what is useful, transmuting what no longer serves and transforming themselves in small, but meaningful ways. As we pick bones and unearth the energy and restorative power which lie dormant within them, we laugh, sometimes we cry, but we find a kind of truth. We discuss intentions and potentials, but leave with action, specific work, meditations, and affirmations.