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Welcome to the healing studio of Angie Yingst, ACM, RMT. I am an Artist, Writer, Advanced Crystal Master, Certified Crystal Healer, Reiki Master-Teacher, and a Tarot Reader. I utilize crystals, reiki, tarot, gentle hands-on healing techniques, earth medicine crafting, and my intuitive work to bring your body, spirit, and mind back into alignment. I teach classes, hold space, create and hold circles. I work with women to help them reclaim their womb space. My teaching and healing work is conducted out of Alta View Wellness Center in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Through Alta View Wellness Center, I see clients privately for earth medicine sessions that combine crystals, animal medicine, shamanic journeying, drum, rattle, essential oils, herbs, and reiki sessions. Monthly, I have a tarot day where I see clients for Tarot readings. I hold workshops and classes throughout the year, though my psychic development mentoring circle is a nine-month class to learn more about your own psychic self.

In my hands-on work, I walk with my clients into their own healing, helping them unearth the energy, and restorative power which lie dormant within them. We discuss intentions and potentials, but leave with specific work, meditation and affirmations. All of my work is balanced with the moon cycles, and in alignment with seasonal energies and movement. I work with these primal energies to help maximize healing potential in you. I see myself as a facilitator for my clients' healing--bringing  chakras into alignment, balancing intentions and goals, and working to release all that does not serve. 

The Moon + Stone Healing is the name for my artist and writing studio work. At the Moon + Stone Healing, I create crystal healing jewelry and spiritual artwork to carry and hold your intentions and spiritual work. I also perform distant work through the Moon + Stone Healing, including distant crystal healing sessions, distant tarot readings, and distant gridding. I sell my work through Alta View Wellness Center's boutique and on this website. I also write a blog with information about Tarot, crystals, and spiritual work. My newsletter covers a topic each week or so. It tends to be personal and global, so sign up below to read more. My teachings are done through Alta View Wellness Center and under the name The Moon + Stone Healing Academy. You can access the archives on my blog page.




Angie is based out of Alta View Wellness Center
4814 Jonestown Road
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17109
717-221-0133 (AVWC)
717-770-9109 (Angie)