What to expect


This is some information that will be useful to you regarding your more intense and powerful Energy Session.

You may feel some of the “Prep work” that is being done by your guides and higher self to prepare you for the session. Some sensations you may feel are: “feeling funny,” anxious, sensations of lumps or knots in the body, feeling tired, and possibly thirsty, just to name a few. You may be having dreams of guides, animal totems, or other symbols of your work. Sometimes we have darker dreams, or nightmares that help us uncover our blockages or work that needs to be released. If you feel any of the prep work, know that you are Divinely held in this process and you will be okay. I recommend having a big glass of fresh water and trying to relax. Amethyst crystals are wonderful for relaxation of the mind and body and having one on your body, whether wearing or holding, would benefit you during this process, but it is not mandatory that you use one. 


Crystal healing is a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating, clothing on, minimal contact therapy of placing crystals and stones on the body in relaxation. I am certified through Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer program as well as the Advanced Crystal Master certification. Hibiscus Moon CCHs and ACMs recognize crystals as powerful energetic tools. It is essential that those who use crystals for healing purposes have had adequate training in order to do so in an effective, yet secure and sensible manner. I teach my client small techniques to take crystal healing with them as they move forward.

Crystal healing helps re-align energetic frequencies, removes emotional & energetic blocks, while allowing for soul learning, healing & spiritual growth. It is gentle and effective, assisting all areas of the body. Energetic imbalances end up manifesting as physical ailments or emotional issues. Crystal healing and regular chakra balancing promotes good health via physical & energetic crystal entrainment.

All Hibiscus Moon graduates have an understanding of the human electromagnetic field and of how crystals interact with it. We are trained in how to recognize and remedy energetic imbalances or blockages within this field utilizing crystal energy. Through the Advanced Crystal Master program, we are taught to go deeper with crystals, and we are taught advanced techniques like cord cutting and psychic surgery; third eye opening and parallel time work;balancing, opening and working with the transpersonal chakras; deep healing work for autoimmune disorders and other system wide imbalances.

during your session

Each  crystal healing session begins the same, but the direction changes as based on your needs and the pathway which opens to us as healers. At the beginning of your first session, I will conduct a thorough intake process, which includes my review of your health intake form and a discussion of your intentions, goals, and expectations. You should arrive ten-fifteen minutes early to begin this process.  As  you fill your paperwork out,  I will prepare for your reading by smudging, praying, and making an offering to Spirit. We will discuss emotional, physical, and spiritual challenges you may be facing during this time.

I often ask my clients what their goals our for a crystal healing session, and we set an intention, talk about certain crystals or stones that the client might want to explore or use during session, or a specific layout. When it is time to begin, I will ask you to remove all your crystals from pockets, or jewelry with crystals as well as your shoes. You will get on the massage table fully clothed. I put an eye pillow over the eyes, and cover you with a blanket. I begin with a prayer and a short meditation to get you in an alpha state to facilitate healing. I will go quiet and check chakras with a pendulum, and begin placing stones on the body. I keep a paper handy to take notes of my intuitive messages, and what I have observed as a healer during session.

At times, emotions arise during a crystal healing session as Reiki and crystal healing can release both physical and emotional blockages in the body. These releases can be physical through the body (for example, stomach rumbling, gas, or burping), or emotional (crying or laughing), or spiritual (feeling outside of your body, astral traveling.) Please know that these kinds of releases are normal and expected, though do not always happen. I have been a client as well as a healer and nothing shocks or scares me. Your session will be most beneficial if you release any judgement or self-consciousness. What happens in session stays in session.

I do two full layouts of about twenty minutes. Checking chakras and your breathing. While the crystals are on the body, I perform Reiki, Transformational Reiki, breathwork and other Shamanic techniques to enhance the crystal energy. I gently bring you out of your session with a small bell, clearing your auric field with a Selenite Wand. When you are finished, we will discuss what I did during sessions, messages or observations of your chakras, while you sip water. We will be making connections, noting any changes, and moving forward with your future healing by discussing further work either alone or with me. I sometimes send my clients with a small salt bath to seal in the work, and a mojo bag of crystals to continue working with crystal energy on your own.

Tarot + Spiritual Counseling


My tarot readings and spiritual counseling sessions seek to read the energy around a situation and offer practical meditations, affirmations and exercises to either tap into the energy around your question, or release the energy no longer serving you. We call in your guides, angels, ascended master and any ancestors to help us work together through the Tarot to find those areas of your life pulling your energy. The ancient symbols of Tarot are but one language Spirit speaks.  We will work together to read the cards, and understand the energetic impulses around you at this time. I come to Tarot with a strong grounding and healthy dose of humility. I understand skepticism, and expect it from my clients. This is where spiritual counseling comes--we work together, talking through these energies, understanding the heart of the matter. Tarot guides, offers clarity, explains the energies and wisdom which surround you and your question.

During your reading

Each tarot reading begins the same, but the direction changes as based on your needs and the pathway which opens to us as healers. At the beginning of your first session, depending on whether or not you are also getting a crystal healing after your reading, I recommend following readings with a crystal healing. It helps energetically shift your vibration to accept new energy/intentions uncovered during session, or release that which is not serving your Highest Good. If you choose a crystal healing as well, I will conduct a thorough intake process, which includes my review of your health intake form and a discussion of your intentions, goals, and expectations. You should arrive ten-fifteen minutes early to begin this process. If you choose not to have a crystal healing, we will still discuss emotional, physical, and spiritual challenges you may be facing during this time. You are free to hold this information back until after our tarot and spiritual counseling session, but my philosophy is that we are having a conversation, a spiritual journey, to uncover your truth, path, and soul journey. You get more specific information and insight the more specific you are with me. It helps direct the energy as we go through the reading to share and validate information. Many of my clients come in and don't have a clear direction for their reading. Though it often helps to have a question or focus, I find that when you are unsure, Spirit clearly guides me to the area that needs your attention the most. It often isn't the most fun and interesting part of your life to talk about, but often necessary.

I prepare for your reading by smudging, praying, and making an offering to Spirit. I will also intuitively choose the oracle decks that might enhance your reading. We will sit and read through your paperwork together, pulling out information that might be important for your work. We will set some intentions in our work together, and talk about our expectations. 

Together, I will blanket us in white light, and say a prayer of protection, call your spirit guides, angels, ancestors and ascended masters. I will begin your spiritual counseling session, using the Rider-Waite tarot as a checkpoint and touchstone for the energy around your situation and intentions. Through this time, I might pull crystals to use during your healing session, talk about chakra issues and imbalances, and try to brainstorm practical ways to incorporate healing into your daily life. I will come up with a plan for your crystal healing session.

When we finish your reading, I will take you into my healing studio where you will lie, fully clothed, on a massage table. I will start some relaxing music, or chakra-focused music, and begin your crystal healing.

Moon Cycle Coaching 

When we work with the energies of the Moon and the Wheel of the Year instead of against Her energies, our lives run smoother, our senses sharper, and our stresses or anxieties lessened. My Moon Cycle Coaching runs from New Moon to New Moon. New moons are emotional times--the sky is at its darkest, but it is also the time to write your destiny. It is during this time that intention setting has the greatest potential to stick and stay. My intention setting programs help give you a holistic view of your own healing. We will sit together in a spiritual counseling session. During that time, we will identify the intentions you would like to set, and the shadow work that needs to be done through the month. With every new energy we bring in, we release the energies not working for us. My moon cycle intention setting program helps set manageable and attainable intentions, helps release the energies not working for you, and gives you a entire program for the month. We will then do a crystal healing session removing any blockages or imbalances that are standing in the way of your intention's manifestation. During the healing phase of your session, I will craft a medicine bundle with herbs, crystals and aromatherapy. You will work with this energy throughout the month, using your medicine bundle to help manifest your dreams.

At the Full Moon, you will come back for a tarot check-in/spiritual counseling session. This is the time when your shadow issues are most illuminated and you can see yourself in the most objective light. This is a great time to release those things not working for you, and move into the phase of creative solutions to your intention-setting. We will draw in the creative energy of the Full Moon. We will do a ceremonial release of the energies and things not working for you or holding you back from the true manifestation of the intentions we set at the new moon. We will do some focused chakra crystal healing work, and discuss the shadow issues that have arisen during the first half of your month. We will also do a spiritual protection and grounding crystal session to help ground those energies.

The third and final session at the final New Moon, we will do a tarot check-in/spiritual counseling session, then move into a full chakra balancing session. After our crystal work, we will have a ceremony of gratitude and release for our medicine bundle (if your work with it is done). The crystals that were used in your bundle are yours to keep and use in the next phase of your intention-setting. Often our medicine bundle work goes in three month cycles, so you might continue with manifesting your intention after our work is over. I will give you tools and ideas to continue your work through the next few cycles.

For your first visit with me, expect to spend an extra 15 minutes with me prior to the crystal healing or spiritual counseling session. While there is no charge for this time, it is best to arrive a early to begin the paperwork.