About the complete tarot


Many moons ago, Tarot called me.


That is the only way I can describe it. the symbols beckoned me, confounded me, intrigued me, haunted me...Through the years, I picked up the Tarot, put it down again. I read in my closet, read when no one was home. I referenced books, hanging on the words of other Tarot writers and thinkers. I read about the history and the artwork. Certainly, I never considered myself a Tarot reader.

But the images were always part of who I was...at 18, a reader told me I had Empress energy, that I would always be the matriarch of my family. I have never forgotten what it was like to be part of the Tarot, to imagine myself in the Major Arcana, to embody the Empress. But for years, I doubted and second-guessed my own knowledge of the Tarot's words, symbols, and images. Then, after beginning to open to Spirit, I actually owned the fact that I had been reading for TWENTY years without trusting my own interpretations. I WAS STILL ON-BOOK, as I call it. (Still reading with a tarot book open next to me.)

So, one day I just put it away.

I put books down, and began trusting myself. Then, like a wind blowing through my ear, speaking the language of the Tarot, the cards came to life. The Empress, the Magician, the Fool danced together in a scene I understood. The cards morphed and changed, and became my own symbols. I developed my own relationship with the cards. I disagreed with some of my beloved tarot writers, and developed my own meaning for cards. My psychic, intuitive, and empathic abilities emerged from that one act of trusting myself to know what I know. This is the journey I bring to my Tarot classes. Not of the all-knowing tarot reader, but of one who struggled to understand and trust myself.

I have taught Tarot since 2013 with different iterations of this class. I bring these questions to you:

Have you been drawn to Tarot? 
Do you have a Tarot deck and don't know where to start? 
Have you been reading a while and still not confident enough to read for others?
Do you want to deepen your own relationship to the cards and to Spirit?

I am a professional tarot reader and I will guide you through Tarot's rich symbolism and spiritual language. The Complete Tarot is a class for beginners and also for those who want to deepen their relationship to the cards. I teach you how to use Tarot as a tool to listen and communicate with Spirit, shed light on the energy. We go through each card as well as learn layouts, techniques, and tools for understanding the Tarot. My Tarot Workbook--the Complete Tarot--is included in the price of full series.

What we cover

This class runs for nine weeks. e cover: 

- Introduction to your Tarot Deck
- Major Arcana Meanings + Symbols
- Major Arcana Meanings + Symbols
- Minor Arcana Meaning + Symbolism
- Minor Arcana Meaning + Symbolism
- Court Cards
- Reversed Cards
- Celtic Cross
- Techniques for Reading the Entire Layout

How it works

In this class, you will receive your workbook via mail before the start of class. You will need to purchase a Rider-Waite deck. (And no, I do not waver on that point.) I want us all to be on the same page for learning Tarot, since different decks have different interpretations.

Our course is offered through Ruzuku, which is a platform for online learning. There is an area for discussion where I can pop in and answer questions, where we can put our daily readings/insights, and anything Tarot related that comes up in the nine weeks of session. I will also be holding Live Q&A sessions, and live tarot reading demonstrations for you during the run of the course. These Live Q&As will be accessible to you later in Ruzuku.

When the course begins, each week you will receive an email from me with your weekly lesson. The lesson will be in video format housed on my website. It will be password-protected. You can choose to watch this video whenever you have time through the week.

You will also be assigned om-work, which will be all about reading Tarot. I will not grade or look at your om-work. This is strictly for your own growth as a tarot reader. Each week, we will learn a new layout, which will be your om-work--to practice your layout at home for yourself. To get the full potential and experience of this class, I suggest thinking of this class as an immersion class. The om-work immerses you every day in the Tarot. As  I journal my tarot readings every day, I assign and encourage my students to do the same.


Your investment for this course is $300, which breaks down to $30/week for the class. If you already have a workbook, then you can deduct $25 off of your price. (choose w/out workbook option below.) If you cannot pay in one lump sum, please contact me at angie@themoonandstone.com to work out a payment plan.


The course enrollment period is until April 8 when I will be closing the doors on students. (Sorry, we need time to mail out your workbooks!) Classes start April 16, 2018, and run until June 24th. If you decide you would like to join us and are willing to start later and catch up, please contact me at angie@themoonandstone.com. Classes will go live on Monday mornings. Our Live Q&As in the FB group will be on Sunday evenings at 6pm EST. These live Q&As will last one hour.

The Complete Tarot is now closed for registration. Contact Angie to get on the waiting list for our next session.