welcome to the Tarot


You have begun your journey...

to explore and connect with the symbolism, images and deep wisdom of the Tarot. If you have ordered a workbook, I will mail it out in the next two to three days. As you start your exploration into the Complete Tarot, you will need:

- A Rider-Waite-Smith deck (Sometimes just called the Rider-Waite deck)

- A journal or notebook to record your daily readings

As we start our journey together, I want you to begin to tune into your own guides and Higher Self, and the connection you already have to the symbols and images of the Tarot. I have created this guided meditation to explore the Tarot. If you have a deck of cards, please pull them out. Create sacred space for yourself. You can smudge with sage, palo santo, cedar, sweetgrass or other sacred herb. Light a candle. Get comfortable. Some people like to journey with rattle or drumming on. You are welcome to do that during this journey too. Take some long deep healing breaths. And allow me to guide you into this beautiful meditation.