Distance Healing Session

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Distance Healing Session


These distance sessions are set up at a time when we both can be undisturbed, and you can be in a place of repose. It is imperative we establish a mutual time that is conducive to both of us for quiet and meditation. Please email Angie at angie@themoonandstone.com or call Angie at 717-770-9109 for more information and before you have scheduled to make sure our schedules can align for this healing session.

This forty-five minute to one hour Reiki and crystal healing session uses the Hibiscus Moon certified techniques to balance the chakras, help re-align energetic frequencies, remove emotional & energetic blocks, while allowing for soul learning, healing & spiritual growth. It is gentle and effective, assisting all areas of the body.  Angie weaves in drumming, rattling, shamanic breath work and techniques to balance the body. These sessions can be done via email or Skype, whichever suits you. Emailed sessions, Angie will type up notes from your session. Skype sessions, you can welcome to tape or record the entire session.

Angie starts each session with a short meditation and light column activation, then checks chakras with a pendulum, lays stones, incorporates Reiki and 13th octave LaHoChi, shamanic techniques, breathwork, drums and rattles, and other energy techniques to balance the body. Angie then removes the stones, and rechecks the chakras. If all is balanced, she will work with your intention or goal for the session. During this phase, Angie will drop in to Shamanic JOurney for deeper messages about you and your energy system. During this journey work, she retrieves information about what she should do to heal you, and what you can also do. Sometimes guides, angels, animal guides, spirit guides and ancestors will give insights into past life, or karmic patterns being repeated with notes on how to continue this work.

Some suggested focused crystal healing layouts available include:

Abundance + Manifestation Layout

This Reiki and crystal healing session involves a balancing then focus work to boost your innate ability to manifest abundance. We work on the root, and solar plexus to help build your foundation and courage. Aventurine, jade, citrine + pyrite. 

Fertility Layout

This Reiki and crystal healing session involves a balancing, then focused fertility layout. You go home with the crystals used in your layout to continue the work at home. Rose quartz, moonstone, unakite, and jade.

The High Body Layout

This Reiki and crystal healing session involves a balancing, then a beautiful layout developed by Katrina Raphaell. It involves the High Mind point, the High Heart, and the High Physical, raising your vibration and really tapping into Higher Consciousness while grounding and supporting you. There are over twenty stones used in this layout. 

Healing with Mother Earth Layout

This Reiki and crystal healing session involves a balancing, then focused layout for those who need some mothering and self-care. When I was working on a client who needed healing around her mother wound, I had a vision of Gaia sitting in the grass in front of a waterfall. She was taking all the moss, leaves, sticks, grasses around her and knitting them together with these long knitting needles. She knitted this gorgeous tapestry and placed it over my client. As my client lay bundled under this blanket, it turned into a Chrysocolla heart. Gaia explained that this was the way to heal the mother wound and the inner child who needs deep healing. This layout works with the crystals that connect with both Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine healing, and works all the chakras. I use Chrysocolla, Cuprite, Red Jasper, Malachite, Turquoise, Azurite and Lemurian Quartz.

Moon Cycle Layouts

This Reiki and crystal healing session is based around the moon cycle. After a chakra balancing, we work with the current moon energies to balance the body, mind and spirit.

Protection + Grounding Layout

This Reiki and crystal healing session is done during the new moon, This layout is done after a chakra balancing. It is important to connect with the Earth's electromagnetic field to restore balance and ground our own EMF. This is particularly strong during the new moon, and my client's sometimes get messages from Mother Earth. If requested, we can work with a guided meditation to bring you deeper into Earth consciousness. Black tourmaline, smokey quartz + black onyx.

Relaxation Layout

This Reiki and crystal healing session involves a chakra balancing, then a focused layout to gently and lovingly help you relax into the crystals. Perfect for those always on the go, looking for a relaxation experience. Rose quartz, lepidolite, lithium quartz + amethyst.

Self-love Layout

This Reiki and crystal healing session involves a balancing, then focused work on self-love. This layout is perfect for those going through a break-up or divorce, to boost compassion, to change self-pity into self-compassion, or for those recovering from abuse. Rubelite, ruby, rhodocroseite + rose quartz.

Third Eye Opening

This Reiki and crystal healing session involves opening the third eye to enhance psychic work, channeling, and part life meditations. azurite, amethyst + clear quartz. 

Transmuting Shield

One of my most popular layouts, this Reiki and crystal healing session involves a chakra balancing, then we move into a deep transmuting shield to strengthen the client's electromagnetic field, optimizing transmuting abilities. This is perfect for those going through a rough time, feeling vulnerable, or empaths. This layout is one that energizes, and strengthens, so it is not recommended for those looking to relax. It is perfect for lightworkers. Hematite, black tourmaline, pyrite + clear quartz.

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