Angie offers in-person Crystal Healing, Transformational Reiki, Shamanic Healing and Reiki sessions through Alta View Wellness Center, 4814 Jonestown Rd (Rt. 22), Harrisburg, PA 17109. Angie charges $75/hour for crystal healing sessions. Angie sees in-person clients on Mondays, Fridays and a Saturday a month. Angie often is booking a few weeks out, though there are always exceptions, so contact her directly for availability at (717) 770-9109. Angie also sees clients for distance work, which you can purchase through her Moon + Stone Shop. If none are offered in her shop, she is not offering any at this time. Angie budgets one hour for session and discussion and allows 15 minute wiggle room in there for discussion. Anything running further than 15 minutes will be prorated at the rate of $75/hour. Angie offers sporadically offers Tarot Readings in-person through the month. Do not be surprised if she is not seeing Tarot clients. Angie follows Spirit’s direction with her Tarot readings, and is not always pulled to offer healing in this way Her distance readings are listed in her shop. She charges $100/hour for Tarot.

earth medicine healing Sessions

This forty-five minute to one hour session combines Hibiscus Moon certified crystal healing techniques to balance the chakras, help re-align energetic frequencies, remove emotional & energetic blocks with Reiki, Transformational Reiki, drum, earth medicine & shamanic techniques to balance the chakras and allow soul learning, healing & spiritual growth. It is gentle and effective, assisting all areas of the body.  $75

Through my work, I ask my clients to set intentions for their session. Some suggested intentions and focused crystal healing layouts available include:

  • Abundance + Manifestation Layout - This Reiki and crystal healing session involves a balancing then focus work to boost your innate ability to manifest abundance. We work on the root, and solar plexus to help build your foundation and courage. Aventurine, jade, citrine + pyrite. 

  • Fertility Layout - This Reiki and crystal healing session involves a balancing, then focused fertility layout. You go home with the crystals used in your layout to continue the work at home. Rose quartz, moonstone, unakite, and jade.

  • The High Body Layout - This Reiki and crystal healing session involves a balancing, then a beautiful layout developed by Katrina Raphaell. It involves the High Mind point, the High Heart, and the High Physical, raising your vibration and really tapping into Higher Consciousness while grounding and supporting you. There are over twenty stones used in this layout. 

  • Healing with Mother Earth Layout - This Reiki and crystal healing session involves a balancing, then focused layout for those who need some mothering and self-care. When I was working on a client who needed healing around her mother wound, I had a vision of Gaia sitting in the grass in front of a waterfall. She was taking all the moss, leaves, sticks, grasses around her and knitting them together with these long knitting needles. She knitted this gorgeous tapestry and placed it over my client. As my client lay bundled under this blanket, it turned into a Chrysocolla heart. Gaia explained that this was the way to heal the mother wound and the inner child who needs deep healing. This layout works with the crystals that connect with both Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine healing, and works all the chakras. I use Chrysocolla, Cuprite, Red Jasper, Malachite, Turquoise, Azurite and Lemurian Quartz.

  • Moon Cycle Layouts - This Reiki and crystal healing session is based around the moon cycle. After a chakra balancing, we work with the current moon energies to balance the body, mind and spirit.

  • Protection + Grounding Layout - This Reiki and crystal healing session is done during the new moon, This layout is done after a chakra balancing. It is important to connect with the Earth's electromagnetic field to restore balance and ground our own EMF. This is particularly strong during the new moon, and my client's sometimes get messages from Mother Earth. If requested, we can work with a guided meditation to bring you deeper into Earth consciousness. Black tourmaline, smokey quartz + black onyx.

  • Relaxation Layout - This Reiki and crystal healing session involves a chakra balancing, then a focused layout to gently and lovingly help you relax into the crystals. Perfect for those always on the go, looking for a relaxation experience. Rose quartz, lepidolite, lithium quartz + amethyst.

  • Self-love Layout - This Reiki and crystal healing session involves a balancing, then focused work on self-love. This layout is perfect for those going through a break-up or divorce, to boost compassion, to change self-pity into self-compassion, or for those recovering from abuse. Rubelite, ruby, rhodocroseite + rose quartz.

  • Third Eye Opening - This Reiki and crystal healing session involves opening the third eye to enhance psychic work, channeling, and part life meditations. azurite, amethyst + clear quartz. 

  • Transmuting Shield - One of my most popular layouts, this Reiki and crystal healing session involves a chakra balancing, then we move into a deep transmuting shield to strengthen the client's electromagnetic field, optimizing transmuting abilities. This is perfect for those going through a rough time, feeling vulnerable, or empaths. This layout is one that energizes, and strengthens, so it is not recommended for those looking to relax. It is perfect for lightworkers. Hematite, black tourmaline, pyrite + clear quartz.

Tarot Reading + Spiritual Counseling Session 

The ancient symbols of tarot are but one language spirit speaks.  We will work together to read the cards, and understand the energetic impulses around you at this time. I come to tarot with a strong grounding and healthy dose of humility. My tarot reading + spiritual counseling sessions read the energy around a situation, offer clarity, explain energy and wisdom around your question, and offer practical meditations, affirmations and exercises to either tap into the energy around your question, or release the energy no longer serving you. We call in your guides, angels, ascended master and any ancestors to help us work together through the tarot to find those areas of your life pulling your energy.

I do not consider myself a fortune teller and do not read Tarot to tell you what will happen in the future, though that often happens in a session. If something comes up about the future, I often ask, “What does that feel like? Is that the future you want? Let’s see how we can shift and change the direction the energy is moving in.”

My main philosophy of Tarot is that this is a system of archetypes, images and ideas that some deep, ancient part of the soul understands and translates. I believe each person can tap into their own truth and wisdom—my job is to lead the conversation and ask questions, to uncover what is at the heart of your spiritual journey right now. This is where spiritual counseling comes--we work together, talking through these energies, understanding the heart of the matter. Many people say that Tarot readings with me are more like coaching or counseling. Tarot readings are a traditional ten-card celtic cross with oracle cards. These sessions run anywhere from 45 minutes to one hour. It is best to come to a reading with a situation or question to inquire about. $100/hour

(Update: Angie is not offering Tarot readings at the moment. Check back for updates.)

If you feel financially challenged by this price, please contact me for information on my sliding scale.

Tarot Reading With Crystal Healing Session

Tarot readings are a traditional ten-card celtic cross with oracle cards and a crystal reading. These sessions run anywhere about 100 minutes. As we go through your tarot reading and counseling session, we will pull crystals and identify areas of concern. After your tarot reading + spiritual counseling session, we will move into the healing session, balancing the chakras, working on the areas of concern through crystal healing. This is so useful for times of transition and transformation. We raise the vibration to help work through the issue. Each client leaves with a mojo bag of crystals to work with at home. $150

Moon Cycle Coaching

My moon cycle coaching runs from new moon to new moon. This three-meeting course involves intention-setting, release, and balancing.

Meeting One: We kick our work off with a tarot reading + spiritual counseling session where we will focus on those energies you want to bring in, setting intention, and releasing those energies not working for you. We then do a chakra-balancing crystal healing session. You will leave the first session with a medicine bundle to work with all month. First session runs 2-3 hours.

Meeting Two: At the full moon, We will do a check-in appointment and talk about your release work. We will perform a crystal healing session and perform a ritual for release of those energies no longer serving your highest good. Second Session Runs 1-1.5 hours.

Meeting Three: In the final meeting at the next new moon, we will do a tarot reading + spiritual counseling check-in, crystal healing session to seal in the energy we worked with and help balance the chakras. We will also perform a ritual of gratitude and release of your medicine bundle. Your crystals will be energetically charged for the additional work for you to do. Third Session runs 1-2 hours.  Total cost is $450 (can be paid as $150/session)

Angie offers small group sessions to defer costs. Bring together three to five friends. Readings are slightly shorter, and involves a group healing session each meeting. Call for more information. (717) 770-9109

Shamanic Work

I offer shamanic journeying work including journeying for divination, insight, diagnostic issues, power animal, soul retrieval and other healings via Shamanic Journeying. Because I have to call to the energy of the healing and begin drawing it towards herself for hours, sometimes day before, this work is more in-depth and needs to be discussed before session. I may have to go on diagnostic journeys. Generally, Angie charges $75/hour and pro-rates prices based on 20 minute increments. Most sessions last one hour. Depending on the depth of the work, Angie may charge for time for prep work. Call to discuss.

crystal gridding + house clearing

Distance Crystal Grid

I can create a crystal grid for distance work and intention-setting, including protection, love, healing or abundance. (And any other intention you want to set). Grid is left up for one moon cycle. I set this grid up in my healing and meditation space, and you are sent a photograph for you to send healing to, and one stone from your grid (after your month is over) to continue you your work at home. 

 In-Home Crystal Grid

I can help you create a crystal grid in your home either with your stones, or ones I purchase on your behalf.  I create a sacred space, and help you create the grid,  including protection, attracting love, self-love, healing (emotional or physical), spiritual growth, abundance and more.
$75/hour + stones (if applicable)

House Gridding, clearing + Blessing

Many people choose to grid and protect their entire home. I will talk to you about your intentions, then come to your home to clear, grid your home and property with crystals, and bless your home for protection, transmuting negativity, and drawing in positivity.