Tarot Reading + Spiritual Counseling Session 

Tarot readings are a traditional ten-card Celtic Cross with oracle cards and a crystal reading. These sessions run anywhere from 30 minutes to 45 minutes. Tarot readings are done in person, via phone, Skype or email. When done remotely, I tune into energy, and send you a long pdf outlining each card and messages that come through from Spirit. I often will go into automatic writing mode during these sessions.

Chakra Balancing Crystal Healing Session

This thirty minute to forty-five minute Reiki and crystal healing session uses the Hibiscus Moon certified techniques to balance the chakras, help re-align energetic frequencies, remove emotional & energetic blocks, while allowing for soul learning, healing & spiritual growth. It is gentle and effective, assisting all areas of the body. Each person leaves with a mojo bag of crystals to work with at home. I only do crystal healing session in person. 

Tarot with Medicine Crafting 

Tarot readings are a traditional ten-card Celtic Cross with oracle cards and a crystal reading. These sessions run anywhere from 45 minutes to one hour. We go through the Tarot and work together to set intention. Following your reading, I will bring you into my studio and craft your medicine bundle in prayer. We will create a sacred space together, working together to craft your bundle.  Medicine bundles are inspired by Native American medicine bundles which held sacred intentions. These bundles, made of herbs, crystals, stones, essential oils and offerings to Spirit, are meant to empower you, inspire you, bring blessings and calm, and illuminate your sacred path, and of course, aid in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. I will give you suggestions on how to use your bundle to help manifest your sacred intentions and when the moon rises, how to use it through dream work. This can be done remotely or in person.

Tarot + Spiritual Counseling Session
with Crystal Healing Session

Tarot readings are a traditional ten-card Celtic Cross with oracle cards and a crystal reading. These sessions run anywhere from forty-five minutes to one hour (sometimes longer.) As we go through your counseling session, we will pull crystals and identify areas of concern. After your tarot reading + spiritual counseling session, we will move into the studio and balance the chakras, working on the areas of concern through crystal healing. Each client leaves with a mojo bag of crystals to work with at home. This is not offered remotely.

Crystal Healing with
Focused Crystal Healing Layout 

This forty-five minute Reiki and crystal healing session uses Hibiscus Moon certified techniques to focus on an issue of your choice. We will develop a crystal healing plan and work on layout for your specific needs, like self-love, healing from trauma, psychic protection, grounding**, relaxation, and fertility. Each client leaves here with a mojo bag of crystals to work with at home.
This session involves either email or phone conversation to discuss needs prior to session.
** This session is best done at the new moon, but available anytime.


Chakra Immersion Healing Session 

This holistic ritual hour is perfect for someone with a severe or chronically imbalanced chakra. We balance, cleanse and rejuvenate the unbalanced or blocked chakra while helping the client relax and feel pampered, stress-free and spiritually connected.  This session begins with a cup of chakra tea and a Himalayan sea salt foot bath complete with chakra stones and aromatherapy. The room is bathed in the appropriate light. The feet are cocooned in warmth, and we move into an advanced crystal healing session with a focus on the unbalanced chakra. This session can only be done in person.

The Moon + Stone recommends doing three sessions in one week for a complete immersion. $270 for the three/week package.

Eight-course Chakra Intensive 

This eight-week chakra intensive starts with Chakra Tarot + Crystal Reading, during a Root Chakra Immersion healing session. You will be bathed in root chakra goodness, and sent home with ideas to keep working on root chakra balancing for the entire week with bath salts, aromatherapy and crystals. Each week, we focus on another chakra. The last week, we will do a full tarot reading + spiritual counseling session and an advanced chakra balancing session. This can only be done in person.

Moon Cycle Coaching

My Moon Cycle Coaching runs from New Moon to New Moon. This three-meeting course involves intentions setting, release, and balancing. We kick our work off with a tarot reading + spiritual counseling session where we will focus on those energies you want to bring in, setting intention, and releasing those energies not working for you. Then a Chakra Balancing Crystal Healing Session. You will leave the first session with a medicine bundle to work with all month. The full moon meeting, we will have a tarot reading + spiritual counseling check in, a crystal healing chakra balancing session and we will do a ritual for release of those energies no longer serving your Highest Good. In the final meeting at the next New Moon, we will do a tarot reading + spiritual counseling check-in, crystal balancing and ritual of gratitude and release of your medicine bundle. Your crystals are now energetically charged for the additional work for you to do.  

Remote coaching involves three tarot readings throughout the month via Skype, medicine bundle creation, which will be mailed to you, and remote ceremonies of release via Skype. 



These offerings can be added on to any session. $25/medicine of choice.** 

Chakra or Intention Bath Salts
Protective Crystal Bath Salts
Medicine Bundle
Crystal Mojo Bag

*Prices may vary depending on the crystal.
**Some of my healing session have one of these gifts added into the price of the session. You may ask if your session involves medicine crafting.

crystal gridding + house clearing

Distance Crystal Grid

I can create a crystal grid for distance work and intention-setting, including protection, love, healing or abundance. (And any other intention you want to set). Grid is left up for one moon cycle, and you are sent a stone from your grid to continue you your work at home. 

 In-Home Crystal Grid

I can help you create a crystal grid in your home either with your stones, or ones I purchase on your behalf.  I create a sacred space, and help you create the grid,  including protection, attracting love, self-love, healing (emotional or physical), spiritual growth, abundance and more.
$60/hour + stones (if applicable)

House Gridding, Clearing + Blessing

Many people choose to grid and protect their entire home. I will talk to you about your intentions, then come to your home to clear, grid your home and property with crystals, and bless your home for protection, transmuting negativity, and drawing in positivity.


I am an ordained Interfaith Minister and Reiki practitioner. I do house blessings, house clearings, life change rituals and ceremonies such as blessingways, baby naming, baby blessings, marriages, vow renewals, hand fasting ceremonies, divorce ceremonies, circles for women and men, or rituals for any life transition. If it is big and meaty, and you would like to mark the occasion, let's work together to develop a ceremony that fits your needs and budget.
I charge $100/hour for ceremonial preparations and the ceremony.


Tarot Party

Gather up your people and have a tarot party!  Experience an individual 15 minute tarot reading in the comfort and convenience of your own home.  Not only is it a great way to experience tarot, you bring in all the good energy of Spirit. We begin with a brief overview of tarot and what I do, then each individual is invited to a private one-on-one reading. I am not a channel or medium, so this will not be a gallery reading. I need a private space to conduct readings for each person individually.  $25/person, min. 4 people.  Additional $40 travel fee for locations over 20 miles from Haddon Township, NJ.

Psychic Twin Party

Gather up your people and have a psychic twin party! My identical twin sister Kellyann Satterfield is a gifted channel and medium. She does connect to loved ones who have passed over as well as angels, spirit guides, and ascended masters. For our psychic twin party, Kellyann does individual readings for each person, and I do tarot. Each psychic does 15 minute readings at $25/person. So, for both people, plan on $50/half hour. We do concurrent readings in separate rooms. Additional $40 travel fee for locations over 20 miles from Haddon Township, NJ.