About Psychic Development mentoring circle Level II with Angie 


It all started when...

my mentoring students said, "But what about Level II?!?" Level II? I had just felt comfortable with Level I, but I heard them and the call to go deeper with my Level I students. 

Level II is about stepping into your power as a circle leader, psychic and healer. It is deeper individual work, as well as answering the call to hold space for others. 

September: Holding Space
We will learn to clear and cleanse space, people, tools and more, with drum, rattle, sage, etc., as well as prepare space for ceremony, ritual and circle. We will talk about and learn to calling the quarters, and drum or rattle for journey and ceremony.

Assignment: Write and create your own Calling in of the Quarters

October: Deeper with Shamanic Journey
We will talk about journeying on our own terms without being guided (in fact, all this level, you will not be guided into journey.). We will discuss Soul Retrieval, Dismemberment, & Embodiment.

Assignment: Share your experience with dismemberment. Try to pull out the most relevant parts of your experience, and what it felt like in the days and weeks after your dismemberment. (500 words)

November: Connecting with Spirit for Others
In this class, we will be learning how to channel, read auras, connect with people's spirit guides, animals and medicine.

Assignment: Briefly talk about what the experience of reading for others taught you about your own psychic abilities and gifts. Did you find anything new about how you receive information? (250 words)

December: Living your Authentic Self
We will discuss how to bring the spiritual into our daily lives and how we integrate our spiritual work into our lives as parents, partners, friendships and work. In this space we will talk about what we do and language around healing and psychic work. We will also talk about ethics of reading and working on others. 

Assignment: Talk about who you are and your Spirit name. What are your daily spiritual habits and rituals? (250 words)

January: Creating Medicine for Yourself and others
This class we will be talking about mojo bags, medicine bundles, sacred medicine through art, writing and craft, and how to do this work in a sacred way. We will be creating medicine bundles and working with them for the next three months.

Assignment: We will create a medicine bundle in circle. Write what your intention is, what medicine you have included in your bundle. Your assignment is to intentionally work with this medicine. You can share some of your personal journey with your medicine.

February: Shamanic Healing Techniques

This class focuses on scanning the body, dropping into journey during a hands-on session, using drum, rattle, crystals, animal medicine and more for hands-on healing with clients. We will be working on each other for healing work.

Assignment: Work on a friend, family member, animal or yourself utilizing one of the techniques we talked about. Share your experience. (250 words)

 March: Dreamwork/Lucid Dreaming and Interpretation
In this class, we will go deeper into what does it mean to do dreamwork and how it differs from Shamanic Work. We will talk about symbolism and differentiating between our information and information from Spirit. We will do hands-on crafting of sleeping bundles.

Assignment: Keep a dream journal for this month. You can share what it was like to record your dreams, and what you discovered about how you work with medicine in the dream world. (250 words)

April: Symbols, Myth, Religion and Spirit
This month, we are going to go into the sacred art of storytelling and how we can go deeper with the Goddess, Ascended Masters, Angels and Native Myths to understand the symbols we are receiving in readings, healings and journey for ourselves and others.

Assignment: Talk about your own stories from your cultural background, or from your spiritual journey that is most meaningful to you and why. You can use modern storytelling as well. (400 words)

May: Releasing Bundles, Releasing and Cacao ceremony
Our final month, we will release the work of our medicine bundles and discuss the entire circle. We will hold a Cacao Ceremony.

The Pre-requisite for this circle is Level I with Angie. You can always reach out with questions about my circles at angie@themoonandstone.com