About psychic development mentoring circle Level I with Angie


It all started when...

I had been a few years into my practice as an earth medicine practitioner, shamanic healer and tarot reader. I was teaching classes and seeing clients. In the course of two weeks, four people asked me the same question, "I want to do what you do. Do you mentor people?"

I didn't know. Do I?

I thought about how I started doing what I do--through a series of coincidences, openings, offerings, good luck and lots of mistakes. Then I thought about what was most important to me in my work. How could I distill what I do into a mentoring session? What would mentoring with me look like? And how much would it cost? Well, it would cost as much as a session with me, right? Then I thought, maybe a circle would be best where we gather all these four people to learn to do what I do and then can share the costs...well, the first circle had ten people. Each month, they told me what they wanted to learn, and I pulled it together for the next month. I had no idea how long it would run or what it would be like from month to month.

The truth is that it flowed perfectly together with teaching how to do what I do--which is live an earth and spirit centered life, walk the humble path of the healer and psychic, and to treat each part of life, the trauma and victories, as the sacred spiritual path. I created a nine-month psychic development circle, but really I still call it mentoring circle. It flows off the tongue more easily. My first year, I combined men and women, and then the next year just focused on women in my circle. In 2017, I offered two circles--one for men and one for women.  The content is the same, but I thought it might be more powerful having men with men and women with women. In 2018, I combined men and women and find it is a potent to have a mix of masculine and feminine energy in circle together.

Through the years, I have developed a curriculum that is stable and organized for our students. I start up in September and go until May where we have a closing ceremony and fire at my farmette, pulling together everything we have done into one amazing ceremony for this beautiful process.

This is our syllabus:

September        Psychic Gifts. (Which clair are you?).
October            Psychic Protection.
November        Shamanic Journeying and Animal Medicine.
December         Ascension, Angels and Ascended Masters
January            The Wheel of the Year and Moon Cycles..
February           The Chakra System
March               Psychic Tools  
April                Altar Making.
May                  Past Lives Regression.

May                  Closing Ceremony and Bonfire

The only assignment for this level of the Circle is to prepare an aspect of our closing ceremony and bonfire. More details will be given to students as they approach this milestone. 

I am always happy to answer questions about my circles and this one in particular. It is only open for registration for a short period of time, but you are welcome to email me to get on the waiting list. Email me at angie@themoonandstone.com