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introduction to tarot

  • Alta View Wellness Center 4814 Jonestown Rd Harrisburg, PA 17019 United States (map)

Wednesdays, September 30, October 7, October 14, October 21, October 28 and November 4.
Introduction to Tarot

Alta View Wellness Center
4814 Jonestown Road (Rt. 22)
Harrisburg, PA 17109
(717) 221-0133

Pre-registration Required
$125 for all classes

Have you been drawn to Tarot? Do you have a Tarot deck and don't know where to start? Have you been reading a while and still not confident about all the ins and outs of a full reading?

Tarot's rich symbols and spiritual language allows Spirit to guide us, talk to us, read energies around our pathway, and shed light on issues that lie right beyond our own noses. Though many use Tarot for divination, Tarot's beautiful gift helps us awaken to self-discovery and develop our intuitive abilities. Learn how to use Tarot as a tool for you to listen and communicate with Spirit. Each class we will have a guided meditation with Tarot, and give and receive readings for one another. We will cover:

Class 1
Introduction to Tarot, Tarot History, Being Psychic + Speaking/Listening in Symbols, the Basics of Working with Tarot + Introductory Reading Skills, as well as the Numerology, Elements, Colors + Suits of Tarot.

Class 2
Major Arcana Meanings + Symbolism

Class 3
Minor Arcana Meaning + Symbolism

Class 4
More Minor Arcana with a special focus on the Court Cards

Class 5
Basic Card Layouts+ How to Read the Entire Celtic Cross Layout

Class 6
We invite friends and family to come to our class, so we can read their cards, and practice on new people.  

Get immersed in Tarot and begin using it for your own readings for yourself and friends. This Introduction to Tarot class will meet for six weeks. The sixth week, we will have an optional open reading night, so our students can practice on friends and family. Angie will be floating around helping students, giving advice and offering notes. Space is extremely limited as we want our sessions to be interactive and intensive for you.

This course is a package that costs $125 for five two and a half hour classes with me, running Wednesday, September 30th, 6:30p-9p; Wednesday, October 7th, 6:30p-9p; Wednesday, October 14th, 6:30p-9p; Wednesday, October 21st, 6:30p-9p, Wednesday, October 28st, 6:30p-9p, and our optional reading class will be held Wednesday, November 4th, 7p-9p. We will all learn from the Rider-Waite deck, so please bring your own deck, or one can be purchased from Angie prior to class. I also suggest that you bring a notebook to being a Tarot journal that we will use throughout class (And you can use moving forward in your Tarot journey.)

Pre-registration and payment for this class is required by sending a check for $125 to Alta View Wellness Center, 4814 Jonestown Road, Harrisburg, PA 17109. Or register via our website here. You can call for more information at 717-221-0133.

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