A few months ago, working on a client, I had this amazing vision of Mother Earth knitting a blanket to put over a client. I often Reiki the feet, putting my sitz bones on the floor of my office to connect with Mother Earth during crystal healing sessions. I see the most incredible scenes of nature and healing in that space of quiet with a client. This one in particular was so intense and beautiful, I was almost drawn to tears. The blanket itself was knitted with moss, leaves, flowers, and dirt. As Gaia finished this incredibly healing blanket and placed it over my client, it turned into a heart--a Chrysocolla heart, to be exact--that warmed her in much the same way as a blanket would.

I have carried that image around with me since then, thinking of this earth-knitted healing we must do over our hearts. I'll be honest, I don't work with Chrysocolla much. I have a few tumblies for when my intuition pushes me to share with a client for their healing mojo bag. But with 4000+ types of crystals in the world, it is not surprising that most get left off my list of crystals I always work with. But this vision...I couldn't shake it. And a few weeks ago, while at my local metaphysical shop Heaven & Nature, I spied a Chrysocolla heart and scooped it up.

Chrysocolla is a copper silicate, which shouldn't be surprising with those amazing colors. It has a Mohs hardness of 2-4, which also means, beyond just the copper content, it shouldn't really go near water. It is often found with other Copper silicates like Malachite and Azurite, and sometimes has Cuprite in its mix. It resonates with the throat and heart chakras, and has a strong root connection. For me, it feels strongly feminine, maybe because of my vision of Gaia, and very healing, nurturing and maternal.

The connection between the throat and the heart is a strong, beautiful healing bridge. That bridge in and of itself can be empowering, if we can make that energetic flow possible. Chrysocolla seems like a perfect ally in this way, helping one express their power with heart-centeredness. When I say a stone is feminine, this doesn't mean it is off limits to men. Quite the contrary, feminine stones, I'm thinking Cuprite and Moonstone, can be strong allies for men to balance with the Divine Feminine within themselves, just as women can benefit from some masculine stones like Pyrite. Chrysocolla seems to open a channel to Gaia, or at least, that is what my vision seemed to tell me, to receive her Divine nurturing and love, as well as pass that onto those around you. Naisha Ahsian, in the Book of Stones, talks of Chrysocolla as a teaching stone, and a great ally for those in the speaking professions. "Chrysocolla is a powerful model for consciously considering the way one puts one's energy into the world," she goes on to share. "One can speak and say nothing, or remain silent and speak volumes. Chrysocolla teaches the value of both sound and silence." This to me was an AHA moment, as I am learning this hard lesson right now, as I navigate silence and speaking in new ways.

I'd love to hear how you interact with Chrysocolla. As with every stone, I am working with Chrysocolla to learn more about its energies and lessons, and invite you to journey with her.


Last night, on Talk-N-Angels with Rita Strough, we talked about crystals, moon cycles, tarot and all the things I do here at the Moon + Stone Healing. It was a wonderful experience, and I just loved being on the radio. It suits me perfectly, perhaps because I love listening to podcasts and blog talk radio myself. You can listen to the show if you missed it. But on the show last night, Rita asked me about her beloved hemimorphite, and I pulled out my hemimorphite, and we had a hemimorphite love fest. So, when I was deciding what stone to choose for today's blog post, it immediately hit me that I should go more in-depth and really discuss hemimorphite.

The vibrant blue color of this hemimorphite resonates with the throat chakra, as well as the heart and third eye. Hemimorphite comes in whites, which work on the higher chakras, crown-soul star, and brown, which works well with communication with Elementals and Nature.

The vibrant blue color of this hemimorphite resonates with the throat chakra, as well as the heart and third eye. Hemimorphite comes in whites, which work on the higher chakras, crown-soul star, and brown, which works well with communication with Elementals and Nature.

Hemimorphite is a feel-good stone, with a Moh's hardness of 4.5-5. (A good rule of thumb is that any stone with a Moh's hardness below 5 shouldn't get wet.) What I mean by feel-good stone is that it balances the aura and etheric field, bringing up your vibration. But most importantly, Hemimorphite is an activation and ascension stone. As Naisha Ahsian says, it helps "integrate more Light into the energetic, emotional and physical bodies." It beautifully opens the heart, throat and third eye, as well as bridging to the higher chakras (crown, transpersonal and etheric chakras so the eighth chakra and beyond) and assists in open psychic channels, including mediumship, angel communication, channeling, and connecting with your spirit guide.

Hemimorphite is a great stone for healers, as it helps with a stream of well-managed compassion and empathy, not only for someone we are near, but for ourselves. It is as though hemimorphite shepherds our emotions, guiding them into feeling and expression in a way that is for our Highest Good. It can transmute that experience into one of positivity, allowing one to be present in a compassionate, rather than punishing way.

Last night, on the show, I said hemimorphite opens the throat and crown, which is my own personal experience with hemimorphite. For others, it might resonate with just the throat, heart and/or third eye. Another thing I talked about with throat chakra stones it the way in which is helps psychic work, because throat chakra issues are not simply about speaking one's truth, though that is MOST certainly part of throat chakra work, but it is also about listening to one's truth. Hearing the truth is sometimes the hardest part of our spiritual, emotional, mental and physical work. No one wants to hear that something they are attached to isn't working for them anymore. (I'm thinking ice cream when I am writing about this.) 

But with the high vibration of hemimorphite,  we can listen with compassion and purpose, radiating Light in situations that can be painful. I actually found hemimorphite through Rita. She brought it to a Harmonic Healing with the Angels circle, and I felt its vibration immediately when I held it. Awesome, powerful, yet gentle. I went out the next day to find a piece. It has been essential to my meditation and healing work.

A good affirmation for hemimorphite is adapted from Naisha Ahsian's Book of Stones. 

I joyfully accept the full spectrum of emotions, I call forth the activation of my inner Light. I live in compassionate empathy with all souls, embodied and discarnate. 

Please let me know what you think of these crystal posts, and share your own experience with hemimorphite in the comment section. Love to all.