tarot of the week-the world


Last week's card of the week, the Magician, the great manifestor, kicks off the Fool's journey, as the Fool begins his vision quest through the Archetypes of the Major Arcana. (Funnily, I also randomly chose Citrine as the crystal of the week last week. Guess it was a week of ABUNDANCE!) And this week, my random tarot pull of the week is card XXI, the last card of the Major Arcana, the World. 

The World is about completion, fulfillment, and freedom--freedom from fear, freedom from self-limiting thoughts, freedom from the confines of our past.  As you can see the androgynous figure on the front of this card is holding the same wand as the Magician. Only there are two, and nothing is being wielded for power. Anima Mundi, as the figure is called, is power. She is the spiritual energy that animates all of life.

But it's not as simple, or profane as power in the sense as we know it here in politics or our jobs, or relationship struggles. This is the power that is tapped into when we align our will with the Divine will. It is the paradox of surrendering to win, and this is the card of that win. Part of what that means is that we become Divine through aligning our will with God's will. And through that Divinity and awakening, we can now deal with the Minor arcana concerns with more clarity and focus. 

The journey of the Major Arcana is not a journey of simply aligning your will to Divine will without the steps involved. All of them, really. The beautiful Empress to the dark shadow work of the Devil to the unforeseen suffering of the Tower--all of these challenges and victories lead to self-realization, self-actualization and self-knowledge. It is only when everything about ourselves is fully illuminated that we can, with full knowledge and free-will, turn our will over to Divine will.  

The World is a card you want to see anywhere in your layout. The World is yours, literally. You may feel that way, or it may seem that way. You have journeyed to this point and it is a beautiful place to be. The challenge of this card resides in self-deception, false humility and denial. When this card is in the blockage position, the cards ask you to look at whether or not you feel enlightened, but still have work to do. Are you resting on some laurels that don't exist? Are you wielding your spiritual growth as a weapon to others? When the World is reversed, it means your success is there. It is a lessened feeling of completion, but still completion. Maybe you won the battle, but are still in war. 

The affirmation of the World is this: 

I align my will with the Divine will to fully embody my true nature and my soul's path for the Highest Good of All.