Ah, Citrine! You gorgeous rock, you!


Yesterday, I worked with a client who is ready to bring her dream into reality, and we pulled together an abundance medicine bundle for her. The first crystal I pulled for her was citrine. We have worked together through this three month cycle, and her first bundle was for self-love & clarity. Working that bundle helped her clearly see her future and what she was ready to release and bring in. I don't just throw citrine into all bundles. Citrine is a manifestor. So, you have to know what you want.

The trick is to know exactly what you want. Align those wishes with the highest good of all. Visualize it clearly. If all you want is money, then money is all you will get. We see this often in Tarot as the cards warn that money is a "neutral resource", our intentions determine the judgment of money's worth in your life. Citrine works when we align our will with Divine Will and choose a path of healing and love. So, when you are ready, citrine is there for you to do the hard work and energy to bring your dream into reality.

As my teacher always says, "Where  thoughts go, energy flows." And that energy flow is facilitated by Citrine's beautiful solar plexus resonance. A brief word about solar plexus, the solar plexus is right above the belly button, and under the heart. There lies our seat of personal power. What does that mean? It gives us the confidence, oomph, push to believe in ourselves. When our solar plexus is balanced, we often feel balanced. People with an imbalance here often feel hopeless, lacking motivation, doubting every move they make. An imbalance causes anger, resentments, and suffer from low self-esteem. The three lower chakras really hold the safety and security to move into lightwork, but if those chakras are off, so are we. I personally hold my weight right over my solar plexus (or I did), until I learned how to dispel that fear and start to believe I deserved to have my dreams be manifest. And I can see my weight shifting and releasing. Amazing stuff, really. If you are feeling some of these imbalances, place citrine right on that chakra as you are lying down. Imagine that energy moving in a slow deliberate circle, watch the blockages open, and the energy flow. This is crystal healing work, laying the stones on your chakras to help you find balance. 

So, what exactly is citrine? It is a crystal in the quartz family (like amethyst, smoky quartz, etc.), and its color ranges from nearly clear yellow, to dark mustard-y yellow to amber to almost orange. The ranges in color reflect the heat-treatment of citrine. My teacher wrote a great piece about heat-treated citrine vs. natural citrine. Citrine is great for helping energy move between the chakras, so you can place citrine points between the solar plexus into your heart chakra to help bring that passion into reality. It clears these blocks between the lower and upper chakras.

Like I said, the yellow vibration of citrine entrains with the solar plexus chakra to assist with self-confidence, clear vision, will power, action, and hard work. It is a creative stone, and creativity here isn't always about the arts, but taking a creative approach to your amazing life. The action that citrine pushes you to make isn't empty action, or rushing forward, but deliberate, purposeful action, which is why it is a great stone for business. It is called the merchant's stone because it does a great job manifesting money, dreams, courage, whatever your heart desires. so, if you have your own business, don't forget to put a piece in your register, or the place where your bill-paying stuff resides. 

I use citrine in my altar to Lakshmi, since she is the goddess of manifestation. And I also use it in a basket on my dining room table to help us manifest our family dreams and security. We always work as a family on those dreams (for the highest good of ALL, we often say, and that means we need to build our dreams together).  It also contains carnelian and smoky quartz, and hand-picked sage. 

There is so much more to say about citrine, but I want to leave you with an affirmation for citrine, taken from Naisha Ahsian's Book of Stones.

I open myself to the inspiration of my creative imagination and through the strength of my will, aligned with Divine will, I manifest my dreams. 

abundance basket.JPG