nourishing your seed


If you are like me, you follow many healers, psychics, shamanic practitioners, and spiritual leaders on Instagram and FB. I actually find so much wisdom from their words and images, but I also find myself rise up against the carefully curated spiritual life on social media, leading to the idea that you could easily be a psychic if you had the right combination of financial independence, a rustic she-shed, many crystals, exclusive teachers and retreats, and a fully realized understanding of how the universe works.

I love social media, but come on, that is bullshit.

Yes, marketing yourself is part of the job of attracting clients and people who can benefit from your work (and believe me, I love beautiful photographs with esoteric words.) But I think we do a disservice to show only the perfectly coifed part of life, or talk about being "born psychic" and it all coming easily. Being psychic, intuitive, empathic or even shamanic requires a deep nurturing and intention. Most of us don't wake up the Buddha, fully realized in our psychic self. First, we set the intention to open in this way, then tend to our psychic self with daily maintenance and spiritual work. It is so infrequently the perfectly put together vignette of wood, crystal, copper and ancient divination cards, and more frequently, getting up earlier than you want to meditate before work, releasing toxic people and circumstances that become increasingly uncomfortable, feeling confused by the signs and messages being presented to you, and maybe most importantly, loving and trusting yourself fully.

I believe each one of us has a seed within us—a kernel of native intuitive wisdom. Most of us have experienced a moment that makes us feel part of something larger, or maybe it was a deep sense of empathy for another person’s pain or success that sometimes feel like a curse when you are a pre-teen, or a mystical experience that cannot be explained away, or maybe it was a metaphorical or literal precognitive dream, or maybe it was just a moment where we felt there was more than meets the eye. Maybe it was being able to access the wisdom for someone seeking your counsel at just the right moment, and you thought, "Where did that come from?" Think back on your life and remember those moments where you felt connected, in the flow, maybe different, but aware of something bigger than you that you could tap into for guidance, wisdom and healing. Maybe you were told by someone else that you were empathic, psychic, intuitive, a healer or shaman, or gifted and thought, "Well, okay, now what?" Maybe you just felt it.

This is your seed.

Sometimes are seeds start growing because of trauma, or illness, or recovery, or an experience. Most often, we have a little niggling feeling deep within us that this thing needs expression. Are you ready to cultivate it? Nourish it? Are you ready for that gift to grow?

A few years into my work, a few people asked me how I do what I do. And I thought back on some of those wild, mystical experiences I had as a child nurtured and quelled in equal measure by my Catholic childhood. It was then I ran across a Tarot deck and spellbooks that I kept hidden away in my room. Those experiences changed when I became a young woman. It was then, in my late teens, that I sought meditation and began exploring Buddhism. That was enough for a while, learning to sit still with all that psychic information flying at me. My mystical and psychic self deepened when I moved into my 30s, more like a connection to others. There was this persistent urging in me to stop ignoring my intuition. I was drawn, like a moth to the light, to circles and people who understood that seed within me, who talked about being psychic not with shame or embarrassment, but with understanding.

I began to look for my tribe of wise women, healers, mystics, and psychics. I wanted their guidance, their camaraderie, their knowledge. I wanted to know who and what I was. The work, the real work, wasn't learning the tools, the outward appearances of being psychic, (that was the fun, easy stuff) but it came with me doing my own emotional work. There was not one teacher—I had many guides in many areas of my psychic self, but the work came from having a teacher who could hold space for my work. Most of us need teachers and guidance-not to be psychic, but to leave how to deal and protect ourselves as psychics, to deal with our gift, to keep the channel open and flowing. And when the call came for me to mentor and help others sow and cultivate their psychic gifts, I answered it by creating my Psychic and Shamanic Mentoring Circle.

It is a psychic development circle. I call it psychic and shamanic, because I use shamanic journey as the way in each circle. But it is also a place to do your work. I hold a high level of ethics and integrity in the circle and encourage people to explore what stands in the way of their psychic gifts. It is how to live shamanically, psychically, and authentically.

If you are in the Harrisburg area, I begin my nine-month mentoring circle in September. This circle is near and dear to my heart--after all, it captures all I do. I weave earth medicine, shamanic journey, crystal work, angel, ascended master and spirit guide channeling into a curriculum of psychic, spiritual and healing personal work. We take a walk through many topics that help connect you to the psychic realm. In my circles, I do not make people psychic, but I help remove what stands in the way to their gifts. I teach my students how to water the seed, give it sunlight, nourish the soil. I expose my students to lots of tools and ways to connect to help them find their own unique gifts and approaches to their psychic selves and learn how to tend to their own psychic abilities and gifts. This is a circle that helps you answer that question, "I think I am a psychic/empathic/intuitive/a healer/ what?"

Each circle begins with a check-in about our month. What kind of work arose for us? Mystical experiences? Mundane experiences that kept us from our work? We get surprisingly deep and emotional in this check-in after a few months. Trust deepens and the circle becomes a safe space. Then we talk about a topic—psychic protection, animal medicine, angels and masters, the wheel of the year, energy healing, psychic tools, altar making, past life regression. We discuss, often do hands-on exercises to really get into the topic. Then I lead a guided shamanic journey. I use shamanic journey as a way in for my students to develop a real connection with their spirit and animal guides and know what their gifts are. After our journey, we journal our experiences and then share, ask for feedback and process what we experienced. It is at that time that we really begin to learn our psychic language.

We meet once a month, on the first Thursday of the month, from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm at Alta View Wellness Center in Harrisburg, PA. This Mentoring Circle is a closed circle, so once our year starts, no new people will join. We honor the trust and vulnerability of this work, but asking each person to be present for this work. You can enroll by calling me at 717-770-9109. I am also happy to talk more in-depth about what we do, who it is for and anything else you want to know. I am closing registration on August 30th for our first circle meets on September 5.

Much love,