blue kyanite


Sometimes it surprises me that I haven't covered a crystal yet. Blue Kyanite remains one of my favorite crystals to work with--it is an ally on some many levels. I find sensitive people immediate entrain with Blue Kyanite's high vibration, making it a favorite for psychics and intuitives.

It's no surprise really. It's blue/indigo color beautifully resonates with the Third Eye. Kyanite actually comes in colors ranging from white to blue to black, and all the colors in between. But most frequently, metaphysical uses of Kyanite center around those three colors. Today, i am covering just the Blue variety.

Blue Kyanite works as a balancer of ALL the chakras, amazingly. When placed on the third eye, it balances and opens the chakras and helps facilitate higher consciousness work. With a Mohs hardness of 4.5, it grows in blade-like fans, and can be quite delicate. So, be careful taking it near water and dropping it certainly shatters Kyanite.

One way I work with Blue Kyanite is for lucid dreaming. It opens the third eye, but maintains a resonance that helps one integrate information from Higher Realms and sources. It is also wonderful as a throat chakra and third eye bridge, helping one communicate complex spiritual and emotional issues. Because it balances all the chakras, it is a wonderful ally for meditation and moving to states of higher consciousness. You raise the vibration of the entire body, and then use that high frequency to entrain to that knowledge's frequency. It also is a wonderful tool for integration. What I mean by that is integrating knowledge into the practical everyday, or integrating experiences into your consciousness. We experience this phenomenon often with traumas or grief, where the loss feels unbelievably and we repeat the event in our head. Working with Kyanite helps integrate that experience as part of your understanding, as a stepping stone to acceptance. My teacher Hibiscus Moon suggests using it as a bridge for the transpersonal chakras (8-14). 

A wonderful affirmation for Kyanite might be:

I open to all consciousness and understand my place in the Universe.